Styling Swimming Pools and Water Features with Natural Stone from Your Wholesaler in the Manalapan, NJ Area

With its unique charm, beauty, and sense of strength, natural stone brings an everlasting value to any landscape. This makes it a very popular choice for enhancing the design of backyards in Manalapan, NJ, particularly when it comes to swimming pools and water features. Natural stone wholesalers offer a selection of limestone and sandstone, with colors and textures that suit a variety of homeowners’ needs.

Natural Stone’s Lifelong Beauty

When it’s time to choose the best materials for swimming pool decking and water features, the main concern is whether they will wear and tear after years of use. Real stone has withstood the tests of time and will continue to do so, unlike man-made substitutes that resemble the real thing but lack the level of durability and quality of natural stone.

Styling Swimming Pools and Water Features with Natural Stone from Your Manalapan, NJ, Wholesaler  

Natural stone will withstand the damage caused by the sun, wind, rain, and snow. Over the years, its beauty and distinctiveness won’t fade, ensuring that homeowners are satisfied with their investment from year to year.

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This holds true for Unilock natural stone products. They are hardy and will endure through the drastic weather changes New Jersey experiences as well as constant foot traffic. In addition, natural stone from Unilock has low water absorption, so these products will last despite the water splashes by the pool.

Range of Colors and Textures

Unilock natural stone options include limestone and sandstone. Both types will accentuate the elements of a landscape design but in a different way. These products are cured with various surface treatments so as to preserve rich color despite the continuous use. Unilock sandstone and limestone are non-slip and provide proper underfoot grip, which is why they are often used for pool sides.

Unilock Limestone: Limestone from Unilock comes in cool and neutral colors—Winter Mist, Black River, and Hearthstone, which are all perfect choices for elegant and modern backyards. Limestone Black River is bold and dark, for instance, and will work great contrasted with colorful plantings and patio furniture. Hearthstone features light gray undertones, while Winter Mist brings a bright and warm touch to natural landscape designs.

Unilock Sandstone: Unilock Sandstone offers both warm and cool tones. To really stand out, it could be paired with the pool decks or water features that feature intense colors and textures. Unilock Sandstone comes in three colors—Autumn Harvest, Stone Cliff Grey, and Indian Coast. Autumn Harvest has warm, beachy undertones and sand grain-like surface textures, making it a great choice if you’re looking to add a tropical touch to a poolside spot. Stone Cliff Grey variation is better suited if you want to add a wild touch to a natural oasis. And Indian Coast features warm subtle brown and slightly red undertones, providing a softer colored option by a water feature or swimming pool.

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Utilizing Unilock natural stone with a swimming pool and water features promises breathtaking beauty, lifelong strength, and unbeatable durability.

Image courtesy of Unilock. 

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