Take Your Masonry Project to the Next Level with Bluestone Paving Stones in Lacey

Take Your Masonry Project to the Next Level with Bluestone Paving Stones in Lacey NJ

If your Lacey, NJ, clients are searching for a durable and attractive option for hardscaping elements, consider bluestone paving stones. Bluestone is a natural stone that is very dense, making it extremely resilient and long-lasting. The slip-resistant surface makes bluestone ideal for a wide variety of uses in both commercial and residential applications.

Why Use Bluestone?

Bluestone pavers will complement almost any masonry project. They are an excellent choice for walkways, patios, and driveways because of their strength and uniform construction. Bluestone does not need to be sealed, holds its color beautifully, and is easy to clean and maintain.

Because bluestone is slip resistant, it is an excellent choice for water prone areas such as pool decking, and around ponds and other water features. Bluestone also holds up well to extreme weather conditions and harsh winters.

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Bluestone pavers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This allows for virtually unlimited design options. Flooring, wall caps, stacked stone, steps, and treads are just some of the ways bluestone can elevate your masonry projects. Natural or uncut stepping stones are also available for more informal landscape designs that blend with nature.

Bluestone can create a seamless transition for clients who are looking for continuity from indoor to outdoor spaces. It is often used indoors for interior flooring or countertops, and can be carried through to flooring and countertops outdoors for a consistent look.

Bluestone Color Variations

Bluestone earns its name because of its mostly bluish color which can vary between warm and cool tones. While no two stones will be exactly the same in color, acquiring pavers from a single source will provide a more consistent color. Pacific Bluestone has a consistent blue hue and Pennsylvania Bluestone offers a mostly even grayish-blue shade.

For more variety, 'Full Range' bluestone contains a mixture of shades ranging from browns and golds to blues and greens.

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Bluestone Finishes

Bluestone is available in a selection of finishes. The different finishes produce very different looks. Honed bluestone offers a smooth finish and is best for indoor purposes. Natural cleft finish provides a natural, varied look, and works well for a natural landscape.

Honeycomb Bluestone pavers feature small holes that create a 'honeycomb' texture with a striking appearance. The honeycomb texture is produced by sawing the stones, so the surface is still very smooth, despite the holes. This finish retains more water, so it is not ideal for high traffic or water-prone areas.

Thermal bluestone is one of the more popular finishes for bluestone pavers. The stones are gauged and cut to create a uniform end product. A special process combining heat and water helps to produce a non-slip surface. The textured surface is comfortable to walk on but provides excellent traction. A washed finish with rounded edges is also available.

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Bluestone Sizes

Bluestone is typically available in 1", 1.5" or 2" thicknesses and a huge range of sizes.  Pieces can be cut to exact specifications so it's easy to customize your order for any size project or landscape.

When planning your masonry project, it's important to select the right thickness of stone. To avoid cracking, lay pavers less than 1.5" thick on a concrete and mortar base for maximum support. Thicker 2" bluestone, laid on a bed of sand, acts as permeable paving for areas with stormwater management requirements or heavy runoff.

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