The 4 Unilock Pavers from Our Masonry Supply That Will Give Your Middletown, NJ, Patio a Modern Look

If you want a patio with a modern look, Unilock has some great pavers that will deliver style and elegance to match your home. The modern look is all about clean lines, consistent cuts, and a smooth finish. Here’s a rundown on some pavers from our masonry supply that will deliver the aesthetic you’re looking for in your Middletown, NJ, home.


The 4 Unilock Pavers from Our Masonry Supply That Will Give Your Middletown, NJ, Patio a Modern Look

Senzo is the go-to paver choice for modern style. With its clean-cut rectangular shape and consistent surface texture, it’s got the hallmarks of a contemporary paver. It comes in three fantastic colors, Nuvola, Cremo, and Castano, so you’ll be able to find one that goes well with the color scheme of your outdoor space. You could opt for Black Sand as your jointing color if you’d like an extra bold look that will accentuate your patio pavers.


Series is another great paver that comes in a few different sizes to add geometric shape and texture to your patio. Made from both granite and quartz aggregates, the strength is matched only by its beauty. Because it’s made of such durable high-quality materials, the color stands up well to the elements and will not fade. Mix and match Black Granite with Peppered Granite by incorporating one color as a border or accent. This will add interest and ensure your landscape design retains its modern style.

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Promenade Plank Paver

The Promenade Plank Paver is a great choice for someone looking for something totally different and new. Not your average paver, the Promenade Plank Paver is composed of plank-shaped units that give it a running design. This adds a unique style and shape to your patio surface. It comes in three different sizes, which means there is a variety of laying patterns you can choose from, like large or small herringbone patterns or mixed running patterns. It also comes in four different finishes that you can mix and match, like Series Finish, which is textured, or Umbriano Finish, which is a little smoother. With different size and texture options, you can create a plank patio that’s custom designed especially for your home and cannot be found anywhere else.

City Park Paver

For something completely unique, City Park Paver is a hexagonal paver that adds a beautiful geometric element to your space. With a smooth Umbriano finish, this paver is perfect for a patio of any size or shape. Its finish is also stain-resistant so you can feel confident in entertaining without worrying about spills or clean-up. It also comes in a permeable version for convenience in areas with heavy rainfall or water contact. This means the water will absorb through the pavers and flow back into the groundwater system, rather than burdening your property and the rainwater systems. Functionality and beauty are unmatched in the City Park Paver.

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Now that you’ve got some choice for beautiful, modern pavers, think about which would match best with the style of your home. Senzo and Series goes with just about any style, while the Promenade Plank Paver and the City Park Paver looks especially beautiful in areas with lots of green plants and trees to complement them. For more information about planning a patio and choosing pavers, contact our professionals today, and we’ll get you well on your way to a gorgeous, modern patio.

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