The Best Stone Options for Building an Outdoor Fireplace from Our Masonry Supply

Stone outdoor fireplaces are elegant structures that can serve as both modern and traditionally styled accessories to any backyard. Stone’s vibrant hues and pleasant textures not only offer great aesthetic appeal, but are incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide range of design styles. At LE-ED Concrete & Supply Co., we offer a unique selection of both natural and manufactured stone that will add a personalized touch to any fireplace. Here are some stunning options:


Fieldstone attracts with its impeccable rustic charm and natural look and feel. This stone is usually left as gathered, in its natural state, giving the structure a sense of the timeless. Two benefits of fieldstone are that it can be laid neatly and provide a clean look, but it is versatile enough to allow creativity with different shapes and sizes of fireplaces. It can be found in a variety of warm tones, including browns, tans, smokey greys, and gold.


Flagstone is a randomly-sized stone that offers irregular shapes, making it perfect for building a country-inspired fireplace with a rugged, natural appearance. A flagstone fireplace will add visual warmth to the setting. This versatile material can even be used to create contrasts of color and texture in a more modern setting.

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Stone Veneer

Stone veneer can be used to give a fireplace an impressive, high-end look. Our stone veneer collection offers unique, durable options for adding style to any fireplace. Stone veneer is lightweight, cost-effective, and easy to install, and offers an abundance of colors that won't fade away, even after years of use. A stone veneer fireplace will create a customized, dramatic focal point in the outdoor living area. Once you decide on the style of the fireplace you plan on constructing, visit our masonry supply to choose the right type of stone veneer.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is the preferred option of many homeowners and contractors. Natural stone is an elegant, environmentally-friendly material that offers irresistible beauty and is virtually maintenance-free. Different types of natural stone retain heat better than any others, while others remain relatively cool. This is ideal for allowing homeowners to select the heat properties of their fireplace and have the warmth of the fire radiating through the outdoor space, if that is what they desire. As well as an impressive range of Premium Quality Natural Stone from Unilock, we offer various types of flagstone and bluestone. A natural stone fireplace can be built using different stacking/laying patterns and colors to create a simple but eye-catching mosaic.

The Best Stone Options for Building an Outdoor Fireplace from Our Masonry Supply in Colts Neck NJ

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One of the biggest reasons to hand-pick your stone from our masonry supply is to choose the right color. When it comes to colors, every stone has its unique tones and hues that can be paired to create entirely different outcomes. Going through the process of picking the colors and shapes of the material you’ll be working with is made easy by the experts at LE-ED Concrete who will aid you in your selection.

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