Tips for Combining Driveway Pavers That Draw the Eye

In recent years, driveway pavers have increased in popularity because of their incredible durability, and the variety of styles, textures and colors in which they’re now available. If you’re looking for inspiration to create a stunning driveway, we have some creative ideas to help you select great paver combinations that match your property:

Choose the Right Colors

Tips for Combining Driveway Pavers That Draw the Eye in Point Pleasant NJ

When choosing colors for your pavers, the first thing to take into consideration is the existing color scheme of your property and its surroundings. There is a strong connection between the elements of your landscape and the style of your home, so take note of which colors are most predominant and which ones you’d most like to highlight, contrast or match. The color you select will have a dramatic effect on your landscape and can substantially improve the look of your home. Consider matching the pavers to the color of your roof, for example, or contrast it with that of the vertical structures contained in your hardscape. For homes with multi-tone color schemes, you can even incorporate pavers that combine multiple colors, or use two or three different colors - two for the border, say, and one for the main body - that match different elements and draw the entire design together. Dark and light color combos work well for two-tone designs. When working with three colors, make sure the colors complement one another. One way of ensuring this is to take a color wheel and divide into thirds. The three colors chosen should land on points more or less equidistant from one another. A good example of this would be brick red, dark steel grey/charcoal and beige/gold.

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Style Combinations

The size and style of the pavers should also match the architectural style of your home as well as each other where multiple pavers are used together. Cobblestone style pavers, for example, are suitable for rustic and traditional landscapes. They pair well with brick homes, as well as brick pavers used as borders. For a modern touch, large format pavers with a fine texture, sleek lines and a design that reflects a contemporary elegance are the best choice. These combine well with longitudinal, plank-like pavers for a modern look.

Matching Patterns

The laying pattern you choose for your driveway not only contributes to the beauty of the driveway, it also ensures the strength and flexibility of the surface by creating a tight lock between the pavers. There are many eye-catching laying patterns that you can incorporate into your driveway - random course, herringbone, running bond, stack bond as well as circular and fan patterns to name a few. When creating borders, you may need to select one pattern for the main body and one for the border. Some combinations that work well together are a random course body with a single running bond to anchor the design, and a stack border to contain a herringbone or basketweave driveway laying pattern.

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