Top 3 Concrete Wall Blocks for Contemporary Retaining Walls in Barnegat, NJ

Installing great retaining wall blocks in a Barnegat, NJ, home is a perfect way to prevent erosion, provide stability for a landscape, and even to create new landscape areas that would add curb appeal to the home. Whether the homeowner prefers the tidiness of a modern retaining wall or the more natural look of a rugged retaining wall block, you can find what you need. Here are some of the best materials to use for a contemporary retaining wall.

Classic Look

For a retaining wall with a more natural feel that has the appearance of quarried stone, there are a variety of options to choose from. One favorite is the Brussels Dimensional System from Unilock, one of the most versatile products on the market for retaining walls and other hardscape functions. Available with multi-sized tapered components, this product can be used to add curved walls wherever you need them, adding a softness and elegance into your design. RomanWall is another great Unilock option for a classic look, and is aptly named as its unique appearance conveys antiquity and classic European architecture. It can also be used for straight or curved walls, or even walkways that accent your wall.

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Modern Flair

Top 3 Concrete Wall Blocks for Contemporary Retaining Walls in Barnegat, NJ

A more updated look for your wall would mean smoother surfaces, cleaner lines, and solid colors. One great option to deliver these attributes is Unilock DuraHold, prepared to build a solid wall that will withstand the elements. Its clean lines and even surface are consistent from unit to unit, creating a look that blends in well and complements any home. DuraHold 2 is similar in appearance but is smaller for projects that may not be as big or demanding. Either would be a great choice for a sturdy wall for your outdoor landscape project. For something with more artistry, the UCara Multi-Face Wall System, also from Unilock, offers a mix of smooth faced units and textured units to create a unique pattern with contemporary style that could be just what your project needs. You could mix styles and colors to create something that no other home will have.

Textured Appeal

If you’d like a wall with more texture, Unilock Concord Wall can create an extremely stable with a variety of color options to match exactly what you’re looking for. You can also create curved walls where needed. The surface has a roughly textured stone feel that blends in to all landscapes and goes well with mulches and plantings. SienaStone is another great option for heavy-duty applications and sturdy retaining walls built to last. It has a plank-like look and a weathered texture that create a visually appealing look no matter the size of your wall. Select from Natural, Granite, and Sierra as your color options, and it can even be used for building matching steps.

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Retaining walls that impress homeowners offer the right mix of beauty and strength. They require a thoughtful design and careful selection of the retaining wall blocks. No matter what type of retaining wall project you’re planning, there’s a retaining wall unit that will meet the visual look, durability, and stability that you need.

Image courtesy of Unilock.

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