Try these Unilock Driveway Pavers for Style and Durability in Lanka Harbor

An elegant paved driveway can be the ideal accent to your client’s Lanka Harbor, NJ, home and is guaranteed to boost their curb appeal. Investing in concrete pavers for the construction of a driveway bears a wide range of benefits, from unbeatable durability to minimal maintenance. Concrete pavers also come in a near-endless array of shades and textures, and can therefore be used to provide homeowners with the personalized spaces they desire. Here are a few Unilock driveway pavers with exceptional aesthetic potential that will also withstand the test of time.


Senzo pavers are perfect for adding an unexpected twist to modern driveways. They are sleek, with clean edges, but bear surprising color gradients on their surfaces. They are available in a monochrome Nuvola variation and a warmer Castano design. Both varieties pair well with greenery and look splendid when laid near a crisp lawn.


Umbriano pavers are excellent candidates for driveways because they can be used to create large expanses of concrete, without the risk of a monotonous appearance. Each paver is personalized with a unique color gradient and random flecks of granite particles. When Umbriano pavers are laid side by side, they form a beautifully dynamic surface filled with dark and light areas. These non-slip pavers contribute towards a safe driveway, while EasyClean Stain Resistance protects their captivating surfaces from oil and water stains.

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Town Hall

Selecting pavers that have had their compressive strength enhanced is just one way to guarantee the longevity of your driveway project. Ultima Concrete Technology from Unilock imbues Town Hall pavers, and many others, with up to four times the strength of poured concrete. In the unlikely event that one of these pavers does become damaged, they can easily be lifted and replaced without leaving any tell-tale marks.

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Brussels Block

Brussels Block pavers are the perfect combination of unrivalled strength and timeless beauty. These tumbled pavers may very well outlast the rest of the landscape, as harsh weather and changing trends are no match for them. These pavers have warm, antiqued finishes and are available in a range of pleasant neutrals like Sandstone and New York Blend.

Il Campo

Large driveways risk appearing boring, especially when they are perfectly flat. However, the rich shades and interesting finishes of Il Campo pavers will ensure that your driveway project remains captivating, regardless of its size and shape. These pavers are characterised by the irregular lines etched across their surfaces, while the striking Heritage Brown variation never fails to capture one’s attention. Each color variation consists of pavers in a few, slightly different shades that can be arranged in unexpected patterns for a natural and effortless appearance.


Try these Unilock Driveway Pavers for Style and Durability in Lanka Harbor, NJ

Thornbury pavers are an excellent option for clients that seek the elegance of natural stone for their driveway. These pavers bear great structural integrity, while emulating the shades and textures of real stone. While Unilock offers various emulations of different types of natural stone, Thornbury pavers are most reminiscent of flagstone and can give any driveway a luxurious and time-worn appearance. These pavers are also compatible with permeable installation methods, preventing the accumulation of rainwater on the driveway.

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