Types of Natural Stone for Berkeley Township Landscape Designs

Natural stone is an excellent candidate for almost any Berkeley Township, NJ, hardscaping project, offering superb versatility that will keep a variety of clients satisfied. Natural stone is favored for a variety of reasons, including its naturally fade-resistant surfaces and rich textures.

Unlike many manufactured options, the colors and patterns of natural stone extend throughout the stone, so that any chips or scratches blend into the surrounding surface and become unnoticeable over time. Color variations are guaranteed when working with natural stone, as each one is uniquely formed by the earth. The deeper a stone is quarried, the more unique and vibrant its colors will be. These variations in color and texture create a magical effect wherever the stones are laid.

Here are five types of natural stone for creating personalized landscapes that withstand the test of time.


Fieldstone refers to naturally occurring rock found within fields. These rocks are each unique and can be found in a wide variety of colors and textures. Fieldstone makes for excellent veneers and can enhance outdoor rooms containing other rustic materials like wicker furniture and distressed wood. Fieldstone can contribute a vintage, Old European look to your client’s outdoor fireplace, which will only be enhanced by the fire’s warm glow. Fieldstone can vary immensely in color and while a combination of different colored stones can make a hardscape more intriguing, they should all be part of a similar color palette to ensure a cohesive design.

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Sandstone is the perfect option for adding a natural, tropical touch to a pool and can be used to frame its edges. Sandstone not only bears perfectly warm and beachy undertones, but is also light and reflects away the summer heat. This ensures that walking barefoot on the paving stones is painless and comfortable. The textured finish of sandstone creates a non-slip surface that also mimics the soothing grain of sea sand. Sandstone is ideal for enhancing the serene atmosphere of poolsides and patios.

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Flagstone is renowned for its versatility as it is acid-resistant and can be used without aggregate or concrete laid underneath. Flagstone pavers are dense and absorb very little water, granting them excellent freeze-thaw durability. Flagstone pavers are non-slip and have a natural cleft texture that can be incorporated into poolside spaces for enhanced safety. Another distinct advantage of flagstone is its low maintenance nature, making it an appealing option for homeowners, architects, and builders alike.


The strength and rugged textures of bluestone make it suitable for most hardscape applications - from walkways to poolsides. Although these porous stones should be sealed to prevent water absorption, they can still retain their safe non-slip quality after sealing. These stones are incredibly elegant and are the go-to option for sophisticated hardscapes.

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Types of Natural Stone for Berkeley Township, NJ, Landscape Designs


Limestone can often be found in cool, monotone colors and shades of grey. An expanse of colorless natural stone often allows the rich, vibrant greens and browns of any surrounding vegetation to stand out. This shifts the focus of the landscape from the hardscape to the softscape, exploiting the effortless, ever-present beauty of nature. Contrasts like these are also memorable features of landscapes and help to personalize them.

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