Unilock Concrete Pavers for the Look of Natural Stone in NJ

Many homeowners can’t resist the timeless beauty and personalized touch of real natural stone. However, when paving a large area, utilizing natural stone can become financially impractical. Fortunately, you can offer your Barnegat, NJ, clients cost-effective concrete alternatives that emulate natural stone so well, their friends and family will be none the wiser about the concrete underfoot. Here are six pavers from Unilock that double as excellent substitutes for natural stone.


Unilock Concrete Pavers for the Look of Natural Stone in Barnegat, NJ

Thornbury pavers have lightly textured surfaces that are pleasing to the eye and beneath bare feet. This has made them popular candidates for pool decks. They are available in three different sizes that can be combined in an intricate pattern for a naturally random appearance. Thornbury pavers are also available in a range of calming neutrals, including the Sierra shade, which gleams beautifully when utilized beside fire features.

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Each Umbriano paver bears a random color gradient and scattering of granite particles on its surface. These finishes allow Umbriano pavers to emulate the grandeur of natural granite. They are also incredibly versatile as their non-slip and stain-resistant qualities make them ideal for any hardscape feature, including driveways, outdoor kitchens, and poolside patios. The subdued shades in which these pavers are available contribute to their versatility and allow them to blend into a variety of hardscape designs.

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Beacon Hill Flagstone

These pavers contribute a classic look and feel to any hardscape design. Their elegant surfaces are modestly textured and are available in an array of relaxed shades that can grant your client’s hardscape a sense of indoor luxury. Consider incorporating them around your client’s fireside, bringing some of that indoor grandeur to the patio.

Westport Enduracolor

Westport pavers feature stunning hand-crafted textures and rich natural hues. The colors on their surfaces are highly resistant to fading owing to EnduraColor Technology from Unilock. This technology helps Westport pavers maintain their natural look as it prevents any underlying aggregates from showing through over time. Just like true natural stone, these pavers will grant your client a surface that ages well and withstands the test of time.


These classy pavers, although textured, have a distinctly modern and refined look. Their Dawn Mist variation is often considered as a substitute for natural bluestone, as it bears the same cold, tranquil beauty. Ultima Concrete Technology from Unilock makes these pavers four times stronger than poured concrete. Their incredible strength makes them the ideal choice for a variety of hardscape features, from large, sweeping driveways to walkways exposed to frequent foot traffic.

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Bristol Valley

Bristol Valley pavers are excellent candidates for spaces where commonplace flagstone slabs would be used in the past. Although they still retain the natural look of flagstone, with subtle textures and a blend of different colors on every surface, if anything they are more refined. Their strikingly clean edges create geometric networks of jointing lines that can complement a contemporary hardscape design. Each paver bears alternating patches of dark and light hues, which can add visual interest to a large paved area that would otherwise be monotonous throughout.

Image courtesy of Unilock.

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