Use These 4 Landscaping Stones for Backyard Gardens in Middletown, NJ

Choosing masonry for a backyard project in Middletown, NJ, can be a challenge. Homeowners and garden enthusiasts will be looking for your expertise to narrow down their choices and steer them toward a paver that they will love for years. We’ve put together some suggestions for the top landscaping stones to highlight the beauty of backyard gardens.


Natural stone is the ultimate in beauty straight from Mother Nature. Limestone in particular is commonly associated with gardens because of its strength, texture, and appearance. The gray color is reminiscent of traditional gardens bordered by hand-cut stone featuring decades-old roses and lilac bushes.

Limestone pavers from Unilock can be used in diverse ways in a garden, starting with a basic patio where homeowners can entertain surrounded by their favorite flowers and plants. Limestone is also great for creating stepping stone walkways, a whimsical way to add charm and beauty to the landscape design. Finally, for a large garden, you could suggest limestone for walkways that break up the expanse of plantings for easy access and tending.


Copthorne is a classic brick-like paver from Unilock that gives gardens a beautiful, old-world look. Use it to create lovely walkways that flow through the garden. Copthorne can also be used as an accent paver for larger projects, allowing you to tie it in to larger patio or driveway designs and create a cohesive look. Wrap a Copthorne walkway from the front of the home around to the backyard, letting guests experience the true beauty of the property. Pair Copthorne with Brussels Block, also from Unilock, for a perfect combination that blends natural beauty with durability and strength.

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Brussels Block

If you are looking for a paver with a warm look that complements any style home, Brussels Block could be the perfect choice. This is a versatile paver that you can use to create a patio, retaining wall, or simply as a hardscape bordering the edge of garden spaces. As a patio paver, Brussels Block will highlight the beauty of the landscape’s greenery and make a patio feel less like a hardscape and more like an extension of the garden. Brussels Dimensional Stone is available in tapered units so that you can also create beautiful landscaping walls with this material. Curved or linear walls can hold back sloped areas, adding even more space for plantings.

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Rivercrest Wall

Use These 4 Landscaping Stones for Backyard Gardens in Middletown, NJ

If you’re looking to install vertical walls or vertical features, Rivercrest Wall from Unilock is a great option for a naturalistic wall that resembles stacked stone. Use this for creating decorative landscaping walls with a unique, handmade look. You could also put walls on a paver patio and add masonry planters to create a hardscape garden. Walls have the advantage of creating raised beds that bring plantings closer to the line of sight and make beds easier to access for weeding and, of course, smelling! Plant tea roses, lilac bushes, or lavender plants to create height and color.

We hope this has given you some ideas for landscaping stones that could be incorporated into your next garden project. Knowledge of your many options will help you guide your clients toward material choices that they will appreciate.

Image Source: Unilock

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