Using Decorative Gravel from Our Landscape Supply in Your Lakewood, NJ, Backyard

Like it or not, your landscape greatly defines the mood and aesthetic of your Lakewood, NJ, home. How you opt to customize your landscape will depend upon the weather in your region, the natural features already in place that are worth preserving, and the style of your home—which remains the focal feature of the property. In order to achieve the perfect landscape design to complement your home, there is a variety of materials at your disposal, including decorative gravel. Not only can gravel add interest to a landscape, but the material also improves its permeability and eco-friendliness. Check out our landscape supply and consider the many ways you can incorporate decorative gravel into your landscape:

A Gravel Pathway

Gravel can be used to create informal pathways with a casual look and feel. Walkways like these can complement and accentuate the warm, homely atmosphere that surrounds rustic and farm-style homes. The natural, unrefined appearance of a gravel pathway tends to be best partnered with greenery and organic materials. Use wooden sleepers or logs to line the edges of the walkway and contain the gravel within, for example. In addition to its refreshing natural appearance, gravel produces a satisfying sound when crunched underfoot, enhancing its suitability to walkways.

A Textured Patio

Tumbled pavers and natural stone are known favorites for informal patios with rustic flair. However, gravel can also be used to create a floor filled with character. A gravel-covered patio offers an exceptional level of texture and detail, as the light can bounce off each individual particle to create a shimmering effect during certain times of the day. Pair a gravel-covered patio with a low stone fireplace for a campfire-like look. Wicker outdoor furniture can be positioned around the fireplace, incorporating more organic textures into the outdoor room for a cohesive design.

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A Sunny Tuscan Entrance

Using Decorative Gravel from Our Landscape Supply in Your Lakewood, NJ, Backyard

A Tuscan-style home that showcases natural stone can be enhanced by a combination of greenery, stone, and sand. A lush lawn, scattered with stone slabs to create a stepping stone-like walkway will add personality to the home and make it more welcoming. The color and texture of sand always has a place in this type of design but can be substituted with lightly-colored gravel. Consider creating a gravel driveway or courtyard to tie the entire Tuscan-style landscape design together. The sandy shades in which gravel can be obtained tend to give homes and hardscapes a more tranquil look and feel.

Modern Contrast for Your Hardscapes

Gravel obtained in darker colors, more similar to charcoal, can be used to create modern hardscapes that are packed with interest and personality. Straying from the sleek, angular nature of most modern hardscaping materials, gravel can create contrast in a contemporary setting. Consider dark gravel for your patio floor and pair it with matte black metallic outdoor furniture. Bare concrete, metal, and gravel make an excellent combination and can achieve landscapes with a hipster, industrial aesthetic. Consider incorporating a bit of red brick into the design for a pop of color that still conforms to the theme. The options at our landscape supply can help you zero in your options and realize the possibilities.

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