Using Stone Veneer in Outdoor Kitchen Designs

An outdoor kitchen becomes the essential factor for entertaining family and friends in Middletown, NJ. When homeowners start contemplating a new outdoor kitchen, you want to be sure the space you create is both functional and appealing. Stone veneer looks like real stone but is actually thin, lightweight panels of artificial stone. Consider recommending stone veneer to dress up a an outdoor kitchen design.

What Is Stone Veneer?

Available in manufactured and natural versions, stone veneer is one of the most popular ways to give an expensive looking finish to an outdoor kitchen without the matching cost. Using molds made from real stone, very light but durable panels are cast in various colors and patterns. The resulting appearance is so much like natural stone that clients often cannot tell a difference.

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Why Use Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer can cost a fraction of the price of natural stone because transporting real stone is a significantly more expensive and complicated endeavor. Veneer stone panels are relatively easier to install, often requiring very little structural support. They can curve and flex, making them suitable for curved projects. Easy to cut and join, a veneer panel can be shaped to a variety of sizes and trimmed to add a pattern to a kitchen project.

Moreover, because the colors are unified in the manufacturing process, there is no fading, peeling, or chipping over time. In the unlikely event that a panel becomes damaged, matching and replacing the stone veneer panel is trouble-free.

A strong argument for stone veneer is that it can be placed in many areas that natural stone cannot because of the support requirement for heavyweight materials. Veneer can be installed on almost any surface, such as brick, wood, metal, cement, and even sheetrock. Because it is not porous like natural stone, cleaning can be done with household cleaners.

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Stone Veneer Choices

Because stone veneer should complement the overall look of the home and landscape, there are unlimited choices. Eldorado Stone offers distinctive colors and deep shades. Pinnacle Stone brings a natural stone facing that varies in color, cut, and texture. Boral Stone produces gorgeous cultured stone veneer to fit any look, from fieldstone to stacked ledgestone. Stone Craft supplies veneer of river rock, traditional stacked farmledge, and an authentic cobblestone.

Using Stone Veneer in Outdoor Kitchen Designs in Middletown, NJ

Some stone veneers do not even require mortar or grout, but still give the appearance of traditional stone. Additionally, you can use contrasting stone veneer to create borders, bands, and unique patterns within the outdoor kitchen design.

Where to Use Stone Veneer

Thin stone veneer can be used on pizza ovens, grills, and fire pits. Since it is fire resistant, stone veneer could be an ideal choice for an outdoor cooktop or barbeque. Durable and colorfast, stone veneer has become one of the most highly sought after building materials because it can mimic the beauty of natural stone at a fraction of the cost.

Stone veneer is anything but ordinary. It is versatile in that there are colors and patterns to bring complete harmony to the entire outdoor landscape, to combine the exterior aesthetic of a home with the functionality of an outdoor kitchen.

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